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Astypalaia island - Villages

Maltezana (Analipsi) - Infinity Blue

Maltezana (Analipsi)

Maltezana is located 9 km NE from Chora, 10 km from Infinity Blue and is a seaside village that attracts most of the island's tourism. It is connected to the capital by road and the services of the local public transportation are pretty regular in the summer months. A special feature of Maltezana is its little port where you will see a lot of fishing boats and the local fishermen to be supplying the taverns with fresh fish. You will find them at the port at around noon repairing their nets and getting ready for their next trip. Maltezana has a special - although wild - beauty!
Vathi - Infinity Blue


Vathi is located 21 km NE. from Chora and home to a beautiful narrow (50m) sheltered bay. The village consists of two small communities: Exo [outer] Vathy is located in the entrance of the bay where boats moor and Mesa [inner] Vathy in the far end of the bay next to cropland, sparse tree vegetation and vineyards. Nowadays, only 3 - 4 families live in Vathy and they are involved in the various activities that keep the area alive. You will find Vathy on the road heading to Maltezana, behind the beach of Schinonda. You will definitely be amazed by the wild nature and the totally different terrain in comparison to whatever else you have seen on the island.
Pera Gialos - Infinity Blue

Pera Gialos

In Pera Yalos you will find a beautiful clean beach covered in marram grass, which - due to its location - is protected by the changing environmental conditions. There, you can take a quick dip and then enjoy traditional coffee or lunch at the little cafés and taverns right above the beach. At the village you will also find the Museum of Astypalaia, where someone can learn about the whole history of the island throughout the centuries via the proficient exhibition of the artefacts that are of great quality and quantity! Pera Yalos is where the daily summer boats venture to the islets around Astypalaia start from.